Virgin StartUp



Virgin StartUp (VSU) wants Britain’s start-ups to succeed. That’s why they offer government-backed start-up loans that come with over 40 years of wisdom and expertise.


The VSU team had been extremely busy improving the prospects of British start-ups during their first 3 years, and they now needed to revisit and update the brand. We were asked to carry out a full brand audit and to use those learnings to develop a new brand direction across a series of communication deliverables.


We began with a brand audit looking at all touchpoints and communications before spending a day interviewing every member of the team. It was clear from the conversations that everyone involved was either an accomplished entrepreneur or had experience supporting and working with entrepreneurs – this led to the branded Union Jack of entrepreneurship. With the key visual in place, we then re-worked every piece of communication from the perspective of the start-up entrepreneur – only ever talking to them as fellow entrepreneurs, and never sugar-coating tough facts, or pretending it was easy. The outcome is a powerful set of communications that are relevant to the entrepreneur and effectively explain both VSU and what it offers.

Creative Designer: David Bushay; Creative Writter: Charles Olafare; Creative Director: Scott Leonard