Staying Power – BCA + V&A


Staying Power is a seven-year collaboration between the BCA and the V&A to increase the representation of black photographers, documenting experiences from1948 to the late 1990s.


Advertise the show in an iconic way, conveying the unique content of the show including some of the challenging narratives featured in the work.


We worked closely with the curator Dr Kimberly F. Keith to design the second show, Staying Power, creating all of the exhibition display material and the advertising campaign. The key visual carefully recreated the photographer busy at work in the darkroom developing the actual prints in the show. With clothes from the National Theatre from the exact period and the original negative prints, young viewers were introduced to the darkroom, whilst some of the powerful exhibition images introduced everyone to the show.

Creative Designer: David Bushay, Alex Lewis; Creative Associate: Miles Byrd; Creative Direction: Scott Leonard