Science Gallery London





The Science Gallery London (SGL) is a new space where art and science collide to answer the key questions of the future. Targeted at young people aged 15-25, the gallery opens in 2017, but prior that SGL has begun to explore a range of themes. We were invited to collaborate on the FedUp season.


To amplify the FedUp season that explored a number of issues around food, including food waste, sustainability and perception. The aim of the campaign is to invite 15-25 year olds to examine their current approach to food and to consider potential alternatives to food production and consumption in the future.


#DIYfood launched across online platforms on the 26 December 2015, strategically positioned during the festive period to raise awareness about food waste. During a three-month social media campaign we highlighted facts and figures relating to food production and consumption, offering practical solutions to individuals wanting to address issues of sustainability, recycling and waste management.

Films followed Milo the Freegan intercepting food, digitally foraging food on the Olio app, cooking with waste food specialists Be Enriched and learning about Snact’s entrepreneurial approach to waste fruit.

Taking the campaign onto the airwaves, we worked with Reprezent Radio to create five features including the eating of “real” human flesh live on air, culminating in a one-hour special feature.

For the finale of the #DIYfood campaign, we created a dinner party for a mixture of distinguished guests, including foodpreneurs, scientists and activists. The menu went from a waste-free nettle soup starter from the Ministry of Food’s 1943 wartime cookbook to an intercepted waste food main course and finishing with futuristic desert of watercake and insects.

Creative Designers: David Bushay; Agency Producer & Creative: Conor Jones; Motion Graphics: Joshua Lindo; Editor: Dylan Holmes Williams; Presenter: Milo Beyts; Chefs: Jai Harrower, Kemi Akinola & Be Enriched; Photographer: Luke Forsythe; Creative Director: Scott Leonard