Reprezent is a social enterprise that trains young people in media, and runs the UK’s only FM radio station presented by under 25’s.


Rebrand Reprezent, uniting both the media training, radio and enterprise elements of the company, positioning them as a credible organisation befitting of their reputation.


Working closely with their management and youth team to define their ethos and mission, ‘opportunity’ emerged as the key component of the brand. This insight led to the ‘breaking out of the box’ identity, that can be dynamically customised to work with specific shows, events or sponsors needs. Their new website, app and internal and external communications all work to the brand line we created: ‘The Sound of Young London’.

Creative Designer: David Bushay, Alex Lewis, Hannah Tyson, Yasmin El-Amery; Creative: WillKay; Creative Associate: Miles Byrd; Creative Direction: Scott Leonard