Make Shift (MS) is an investment, architectural and management organisation that pioneers social change by creating places and connections that inspire community, creativity and enterprise. It empowers local individuals and independent businesses to grow stronger, together.


To name and create the brand platform for the new parent company of Pop Brixton and any subsequent game-changing temporary developments. To create the new brand’s visual and verbal identity, and develop a cohesive set of guidelines for both internal and external use, with assets that can be easily be implemented across multiple sites.


The name was challenging with so many stakeholders involved and as the new brand represents both developer, landlord and community partner, the name had to work hard and be quickly understood without any ambiguity. The name Make Shift emerged early in the process. The identity then had to reflect the brands positive pop-up nature and be versatile enough for anyone to use. We avoided any complicated or expensive iterations of the identity, with the stationary materials incorporating dye-cut waste materials from the site such as used packaging, wood or metallic off-cuts.

Creative Designers: David Bushay, Oscar Park & Flo Fairweather; Creative Director: Scott Leonard