London Design Festival – The People’s Posters


The Brixton Design Trail is now the eighth district of the London Design Festival – promoting the city’s creativity and drawing on the countries greatest thinkers and practitioners, to deliver a unique celebration of design.


Create a memorable piece of design that is indigenous to Brixton and amplifies its unique character within London.


The People’s Posters project is a platform for the public to tell us what they think of Great Brixton. We listen to the people, visually interpret their answers, design and print them as fly posters, then paste them in public (both legally and illegally, in keeping with the 2016 Rebel, Rebel theme) for all to see. Unlike advertising campaigns the only thing we’re selling are the people’s thoughts on one of the most vibrant communities in the UK. This project not only invites and reports the truth, it amplifies the voices of the community far beyond the district.


Creative Designers: David Bushay, Oscar Park; Creative Director: Scott Leonard; Photography: Luke Forsythe, James Jones