Lloyds Bank & Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs


The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) was founded in 1997 by Michael Young (who also founded the Open University) to empower people from all backgrounds to create positive social change. Lloyds Bank sponsor a number of SSE programmes across the country for both start-up and scale up social enterprises.


Recruit a more diverse student to apply to the course that runs throughout the UK.


The greatest achievement was persuading Lloyds to remove all presence from the front of the posters (no easy conversation), instantly reducing a big barrier to entry. We then highlighted recent graduate enterprises throughout the country, highlighting the diversity of students. Finally we incorporated the headline as the URL, reinforcing impact and improving recall. With the campaign successfully recruiting a far more diverse cohort, we set about amplifying the graduates achievements by creating a yearbook. The yearbooks hero 15 graduates, the significance of social enterprise and the impressive work of the SSE.


Creative Designer: David Bushay, Alex Lewis, Oscar Parks, Andre Anderson; Creative Direction: Scott Leonard