Know My Mind Theatre Group


London-based community theatre group raising awareness of mental health issues, supported by Croydon Council and the Maudsley Hospital.


To promote the new hard-hitting production exploring the harsh reality of the mental health system in Britain, ‘So you think I’m Crazy’ – written and directed by Ekanem Hines. Told through the eyes of a young black man using rap, poetry and dance, this emotive drama journeys through the streets of London to the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital. After the play, a panel team of experts invite the audience to explore the stigma of mental health and the challenges of accessing services and care.


We wanted to capture the protagonist’s swirling mental state in the most visual way possible, using abstract colour and messy hand-drawn forms to illustrate his plight. The sketchy typography reinforces the fragile nature of the mental health system in question and the disorientated layout reinforces the show’s content.

Creative Designer & Image Maker: Flo Fairweather; Photographer: Luke Forsythe; Creative Director: Scott Leonard