Block Workout


Started in 2009, workout is a training regime that uses alternative and creative exercise methods to help young people work themselves out of the ‘block’.


As part of Lambeth’s ‘Safer Streets’ campaign we were asked to help engineer better conversations with youth at risk, specifically those close to gangs.


Empower and elevate positive role models who are already having positive conversations with those at risk, as opposed to starting new ones. We chose Terroll Lewis, founder of Blockworkout, as a brilliant example of a successful young person from the local area. He asked for help with the first Blockworkout competition. We created limited edition posters that were awarded to each competitor brave enough to take part. Alongside this, our PR campaign saw Blockworkout and its posters in the Evening Standard, Design Week, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness.

Creative Designer: David Bushay; Illustration: Benjamin Wachenje; PR: Kate Edwards; Creative Direction: Scott Leonard