Bite the Ballot


Bite the Ballot is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young voters and tackling issues that directly affect them.


Design an identity that speaks to those furthest away from politics. It has to be capable of standing next to contemporary youth brands, and be credible in Parliament.


We worked with them to create a 10-point manifesto that unified the organization under one clear strategy. After rounds of testing with young people up and down the country, a logo emerged that was representative of the organization. It couldn’t be party specific – we took inspiration from 80’s punk and the 60’s Black Panther movement, each of which said ‘No’ to the establishment and refused to accept apathy as an option. This inspired the brand line #TakePower, which is encouraging young people to take control of their futures and make the most of what is already theirs.

Creative Designer: David Bushay, Andrew Nangpi; Creative: WillKay; Creative Producer: Felix Taylor; Creative Associate: Miles Byrd; Creative Direction: Scott Leonard